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Looking to wrestle again not that covid is on the way out (for the vaccinated!)
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Van_Crusher Male 56 Other Open to all
(New profile pic taken July 5 2021) I'm getting back into wrestling now that I'm double vaccinated. Please go get yours if you can. Open to guys who are interested in the sport of wrestling (any kind). Please hit me up if I'm in your area. I cannot usually host so guys with a place to meet go to the front of the line. (Just kidding: there is no line; I've not wrestled in ages!) I'm looking for workout buddies too. So hitting the gym or the mats for a work out would be great. I've got a bit of experience with collegiate wrestling (could probably show you moves if you're beginner) but less with BJJ and Judo. Everything else is new to me. Ok with groups! It would be great to have a few guys to wrestle in one location!
Vancouver British Columbia

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