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Spruceman Male 79 Gay Open to all
Somehow all my saved messages have disappeared. Pls re-send if there is current interest. Hey guys. August 11, 2019 update: A cancer and radiation effects problem in my left upper arm/shoulder area has sidelined me from action here the past 8 month; and is likely to continue so for another six. Hope to get back into action, even if it has to be limited in scope or intensity; so I am not giving up -- even if the mats have to lie fallow for a spell. and even if limited only to instruction at first.I'll provide updates. Let's keep in touch. Arlington & nearby. Seek men willing to take me on. Stronger now than ever in my life and getting stronger and more aggro. Playful & more serious rasslin' & light MMA, judo. Open to other. More on a learning basis. New guys welcome. Retired, so often available. Most pics are 2016-2017. Pics in blue Speedos are Feb 2017. Need more local men willing to wrestle with, as well as travelers, --so lend a hand or two, and the rest of you, so I can get more experience. Here to have fun, improve my health & strength, be in a brotherhood w fellow wrestlers, & skill building–not to injure nor get injured. I want to wrestle at least 2 or 3 times a week. Not into cyber or phone -- Want real flesh-on-flesh muscle-against-muscle action. Ten by eleven mat space indoors ( wall mats all sides ) . More than twice the mat space in backyard, weather permitting. Have yet to refuse anyone who wanted to visit primarily to wrestle, mma, etc. Open to all (legal) ages, , races/ethnicities, gay/straight, sex/ no sex, etc. Bring a clean, sober body and no attitude. . C'mon. Let's do it; so you can put a septuagenarian in your list of wrestling encounters win, lose, or neither. If there is sex--very open to it. Power bottom who loves being f**ked deep, hard, rough---the old 'Kiss me like you love me; f**k like you hat me' once it's in all the way.. BTW--maybe my finding a part-time slave could be in order.
Arlington Virginia
District of Columbia District of Columbia

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