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Wrestle me down, dominate me, make me your prey to worship you after!
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O_lwr_stl_atHMDC Male 58 Gay Play wrestling
Sane, safe, clean, discrete matches for fun. I like any wrestling style, any pre/post wrestling fantasies, domination/submission, muscle worship, licking the sweat off your heroic body if you defeated me, even some bondage plays and muscle worship sessions provided they are just sane, safe, creative fun. Loves the feel of two hot bodies rolling up in oil, so sensual; into heel/jobber matches, size difference matches (one of my favorite fantasies is wrestling a GIANT MASSIVE man, being manhandled, and end up being his captured prey), creative jungle matches with background heavy African drum music, erotic oil matches, or maybe one hand tied together rope match, or wrestling under a big fishing net and either of us can get out easily from one another. Just love being creative with different wrestling scenes. I'm more a jobber if it's a heel/jobber match. All for fun, don't want to be hurt or crippled. I enjoy chatting with other wrestlers in the chat room. My favorite type of men are BIG men, very strong/massive dominant men, hairy chested muscle bears, well built black men, and some husky asian men who could grow a beard and maybe hairy chested too. These men are so yummy to play with. I have a place that is not functional as my living room has hardwood floor and my bedrooms are full of furnitures and stuff. I have not wrestled for a long time but still love the feel of 2 hot men wrestling for fun. Yes for fun. Never to hurt or cripple.

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