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Looking to Dominate and Tease
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LeeGeo Male 45 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
Hey guys, I'm in NYC for a few days in early Feb at a hotel near Times Square ... 3 to 6 Feb and would love to get some action in Looking to hook up with some guys. I will be in NY again in July, mostly Ithaca, but also NYC some. I am based in Beijing now and can host there. I also travel a lot in the US, South Asia, and Europe. I plan to be in London a few times in March and April. If anyone in the area give me a shout and lets hook up for some fun! Besides jacking off together I'd be into trying all sorts of things. I'm into both erotic and sub wrestling. I'm a real alpha type guy so I like to be in charge, but love a challenge. If you are in the area, I'm also looking for a regular friends with benefits arrangement and workout buddy to inspire my weight training and body building goals. lets hook up for some randy chat!
Beijing China

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