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Lee6 Male 58 Gay Open to all
I've been reading profiles and I've noticed that a lot of guys on here are only willing to wrestle other guys who look a certain way on have a particular build, I'm not like that. I don't take this stuff that serious and I know that 98% of this is based on fantasy. Just be who you are, it's all about having fun. I'm a strong solid man looking for wrestling buds in and around my area. I'm DDF and I'm only looking for safe sweaty fun and a good exchange of male energy. A good wrestling match can last for hours taking breaks in between. Not looking for hurt looking for fun. Please do not contact me if we have never spoken or messaged each other and you are coming to the area. I am pretty boring and I don't meet with complete strangers. No deodorants or colognes please.
Bowie Maryland

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