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LAsubfag4MEN Male 51 Other Open to all
REAL DUDE HERE seeks DOM ALPHA MAN R U STRONG ENOUGH ------ sit on my face punish me beat me down spit and punch and hit and dominate SIRS crush me, squash me, squeeze me out with leg scissor hold and other wrestling holds beyond submission and into sex anduse-- AS a kid my older brothers would wrestle with me and PUSH my head under their ass -theyd kick me do hair pulls, the grunting groaning, slapping my head my hands and feet on the mat while applying holds, then after the pin stuck the dirty feet in my mouth. Can’t explain it to someone who doesn’t get it—no need to with someone who does! i was oral expert - didn't have to learn - was born to it...When I was young if anyone shouted out faggot it always made me a little happy. i got beat up in the back of a church once and the guys punched me until i was on my knees and then sucking their cocks - and it disgusted them that i was like a duck to water-i got beat up i the boys bathroom and shoved in the trunks of high school guys cars... I loved real men the smells tastes attitude of all of it - when they would yell at me id do even better - sucking dick AND wrestling was fucking great
Los Angeles California

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