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Beefy, Stocky, Power-lifting Musclebear Seeking Sub and Pro-mission
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LA_Bull_Wrestler Male 55 Gay Fighting with sex
My name is Tom and I’ve recently relocated to SoCal from Chicago. I’m beefy / stocky masculine, hairy musclebear into powerlifting, wrestling and gut punching as well as other things such as trampling and stomping. Holds that I enjoy administering include bearhugs, full nelsons, back breakers, shoulder locks, scissors, nerve holds, fish hooks and anything abs or gut punching related. If I can, I will beat on your stomach until you cry for your mom! Then, I will trash talk your mom while you are holding your gut gasping for breath. Then I will probably play with your belly button until you feel thoroughly violated. Seriously though, all limits are respected and I work well with newbies. You will have fun and a good workout. I like mismatched squash matches and older/younger matches but open to all kinds pf opponents. Equal opportunity destroyer of both the smooth and the hairy. Competitive is great but I am really not much more than a very experienced novice so if you are looking for that I will try my best. I also like wrestling heavier and tall guys. Hit me up and let’s discuss setting up a match.
Los Angeles California

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