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I'm back!
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Kureitondesu Male 43 Gay Open to all
I make 3 or 4 trips a year and always carry *some* of my wrestling/punching gear with me. If I've favourited you it's because I'm either coming soon to a city near you or wanted you to know I'd match you if you are near me. I’m a put up or shut up kinda guy, out for matches and meetups not talk, bring it! Enjoy catchweight matches.. a lot! Not to say I don't like being challenged by strong/muscular guys either. If you have a friend and want to see if you can both take me, bring it! Recently found I enjoy lift and carry as well so there's that too! No flakes, prefer near my age /- 5-10 years or younger, and local, but if you're travelling or I will be near you, please let me know. I usually have some of my gear with me when I'm out of town. :)
Nashville Tennessee
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