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Ko_Pin Male 54 Other Submission Wrestling
Knockout and Pin Match The match has a pre-agreed set time limit. There is a pre-agreed safe word that if used will stop the match and hand the match to your opponent. Gear is agreed before the match. As one opponent is unconscious for a pin count a ref is recommended to count pins but a video can be used as proof of completed counts. Unless any wrestling holds and moves are ruled out before hand it should be assumed that all holds are allowed to weaken an opponent. To score you must sleeper out your opponent and be able to pin him for a count of 10. He must be unconscious before the pin count can commence but the count can continue if your opponent regains consciousness before the count is completed. (In my experience a sleeper applied efficiently will keep your opponent out for 7 to 15 and as long as 20 seconds and even if by the count of 7 he begins to regains consciousness he would not normally be in any condition to kick out of the pin before the 10 count and in all honesty would not be aware of his situation. Any form of pin can be used but the shoulders should be flat to the mat for the total duration of the count. After a pin there should be at least a 30 second break as this would be the minimum required for the effects of a blood Choke to subside however if you want the match to last you should consider a full minute break. (Before the match starts again an opportunity should be given to the looser of the previous pin to use the safe word). The match is decided by the most pins scored within the time limit or by an opponent being unable to continue and using the safe word. With the cumulative effect of several sleepers an opponent would not normally last the full time limit. If agreed there are many forms of humiliation that can be included to spice up the match and for one opponent to prove his dominance over his rival. Here are some ideas- 1. Use a face sitting pin. 2. Force kiss during the count. 3. Fondle your unconscious opponent. 4. Remain doing any of the above as your opponent becomes lucid. 4. Pull his cock from his gear before he comes round.
London United Kingdom

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