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Looking to wrestle, box, and kickbox and have a good time
username sex age sexual seeking
KillerKang Male 34 Bisexual Open to all
I am a 28 year old guy who loves to wrestle. If you want to contact me, send me your e-mail address. Can’t wait to hear from other guys who want to go against me. Don't underestimate me, just because I'm a smaller guy. I’m open to almost any style from wrestling to MMA to boxing. I’m also open to cyber and phone wrestling too. I like to get competitive with my opponents, but I can also do heel/jobber matches. I am also into 2 on 1 wrestling. If you want to know more, or want a match, message me. My profile pic is current as of January 2013. If you're not really interested in a match with me, please just say so.
Billings Montana

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