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Karatemen Male 54 Other Fuck Buddies
i am playing with big and strong men on my gymmatt or rubbercell , for hard and rough ( but save ) games .. like stomping and other hard thinks ... Please write me. On the mat , i like groundplay with squezze , between my leg´s, or strong arms. Please : i do not like mortal/dangerous grab´s ore nerve holds !!! It should be fun, not mortal. No bone breaks or dangerous kicks .. favorite grab [ Sankaku-Jime / Sankaku Gatame / Tate-shiho-gatame / Kesa-gatame ] ..for sex : i like to be fucked hard , give and recive blowjobs on rubbermats .. pump sperm on mat´s or golden shower on my rubbermat. for high wight mens , i have 20cm padded mat´s for save games.
Frankfort on the Main Germany
St. George Alaska

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