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anyone up for hot erotic kinkboxing fun with old school vintage leather boxing gloves?
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KINKBOXER Male 59 Bisexual Workout Buddy
Anyone near Kent County, Michigan want to glove up for some fun? Want to punch a pug out? Work me over! I have hundreds of old school vintage leather boxing gloves and gear we can use for frotfighting fun, JO, cockboxing, erotic SPEEDBAGGING BALLS, KO blows, BDSMBOXING, gut punching, face fucking, nut punching, cum punches, glove jobs, face fucking fun and as kinky sextoys, for kinkboxing. Let's just do it! Hit me with your best shots! Fire away! If your fetish is boxing gloves, we share the same kink! Check out my kinkboxing pix and vids here! Ask me for my email if you desire, OK? Thanks for looking at my profile! I can be your jobber or your heel, let's go glove up now! Ever wanted a human punching bag to workover or be worked over? Well here I am at the ready! Let your leather bombs fly! Ciao.
Coopersville Michigan

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