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Julio Male 60 Other Play wrestling
I enjoy wrestling and I am open minded so if there is erotic contact while we wrestle I welcome it as it is part of the fun; I like to set limits and respect them to avoid injuries. I do not want nobody gets hurt or have bruises on the face next day to work. I have a personal life and i think so do you, then i am very respectfull of the limits we set together and also i am very discreet. Some good exercise should also be fun. I like it from light semicompetitive to slow paced and trading holds. I love to apply holds like camel clutch, huracarrana, surfboards, bodyscissors and headscissors (specially fig 4 headscissors with your head buried into my butt), school boy pin and reverse school boy pin (with my crotch and butt on your face) sit pins, mounting pins and any facesitting hold. Also like to pose over my defeated victims and give my defeated opponents some ligth spanking. Regarding gear i am open to any kind you like or none at all, i personally prefer to wear speedos or skimpy thight lycra underwear.
Chihuahua Mexico

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