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BiWM, 69, 6'2, 200, want 18-40 guys 4 FUN-GRAPPLE-ALL Races
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JudoBoy2020 Male 70 Bisexual Play wrestling
First-timer. Get turned on w RolePlay, Fantasy Judo, Jujitsu, in Judo Gis. Like to fight for Grip as in real Judo. Then to move around slowly, feeling each others weight balance while standing.... Light ground play, as in real Jujitsu, rolling and struggling for top bottom side posirions and possibly explore dirty aggressive talk. A few practice Arm-bar and Choke submissions all Safely and Respectfully w Safery-stop sigbals agreed to, for any reason. Afrer sufficient standing abd ground play-acting fighting, if there is Chemistry, be ooen for Cuddling affectionately, and anything else that is mutually agreed to for relaxation. I am most turned on bu open-minded, youthful and mature young Men, 18 and 18 , who are healthy and enjoy the company of an older, but youthful understanding Man, 69 years young! All Races welcome. This can all lead to other things----whatever happens going forward. Discussing all of the above is welcomed at any time. ALL described here, must be 100% SAFE, non-Exploirive, w/o hurting injuries or blood or violence. All must be understood and agreed to.
Chicago Illinois

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