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Hi there, I'm average build. looking
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Joe211Acosta Male 35 Bisexual Play wrestling
Hi there, I'm average build. looking for someone who is into a little lift and carry, with YOU doing the carrying and demonstrating your power. I'm also interested in sessions with women, although when facing a woman I have no problems showing of my strength by lifting her up and dominating. With a man it's diff, I like to be the one dominated, although it is a complete turn on to be dominated by a woman as well. I'm also interested in light fantasy wrestling with muscle worship. I think muscle bears are sexy too, especially when you can see their abs just carving through their fur. A strong and muscular woman is always welcomed as well. I'm in CA but travel at least once a month to Seattle, and occasionally to the east coast. I know some ppl get annoyed that there is no face shot of me, but thats because i enjoy my job, but unfortunately i work for jerks who might see this as bad for business. If you ever want to see me, I'm open to webcam. Especially if you just want to flex for me and turn me on. I'll certainly do the same in return. I look forward to meeting someone!
Rancho Cucamonga California
Tacoma Washington

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