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JobberWrecker Male 62 Other Wrestling, no sex
Discreet married guy looking for old-school, pro opponents. Into mismatches, working over younger opponents with brawling tactics like: fists to the lower abs, leg splits & locks, chokes, hair pulls, bodyslams, barefoot/boot grinds to the face, stomps into the trunks, etc. Not too many things hotter than watching some poor jobber pounding the mat with his feet while choking him out with a grinding boot or hand to his throat. Attitude is more important than age, so same age and even a little older could work if our interests mesh and you are in decent shape. Not looking for real competitive or injuries for either of us. Just looking for exciting, sane, staged matches, NOT sex matches or stakes. Lean, defined, white-speedoed prettyboys: step to the front of the line! MAIN PHOTO: JobberWrecker with a chained fist bashing away into the head of tough jobber boy G_Joey_Hudson.
Wayne New Jersey

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