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BAREly containable newCUMMER!
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JobberJayse Male 50 Gay Wrestling with sex
new pix for 2020 ; lets do it, men ! I am the rather paradoxic super jock 'dandy' jobber (bottom) with heel alpha (top) leanings ! I crave the pounding of fists on my pex and abs as hard as possible ; full nelsons ; and sleeper/chokeholds (while you plow my tight ass) - but could easily turn tables on you and inflict the same ! Ive also been told I have the perfect jobber, service-oriented, masculine sub style as well as that of an experienced coach type. So, men, pick which role you want me to play - and I will BE THAT MAN FOR YOU on the mats (or bed or floor - or backyard !) ! Let's just get down to our gym socks soon (being in just socks for a fight and fuck is a HUGE turn on for me) and go for it ! BTW, ive done tons of raw porn - so I love being filmed ; when i fight, i love it being recorded too. Jock Jayse/Coach Jayson
San Francisco California

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