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JerseyLuchador Male 57 Gay Wrestling with sex
Hello New To The Area, but not new to wrestling. I've always enjoyed Wrestling other men. It's sort of a bonding with me. I've made some good friends over the years who are also wrestling buddies. I like the bonding when two men wrestle around for position with just knowledge and muscle for weapons that wrestling provides. In my younger days I would go all out in submission/NHB matches which was great. But, as you get older those bumps and bruises do not heel as fast. Don't know the area that well yet. I am a transplant from The West Coast. So, I've got to take some time to get the lay of the land. Have singlets, trunks, shorts, underwear and of course skin that I like to wrestle in. I also sometimes wrestle in a mask for fun. I'd like to meet some new wrestling buddies in The Fall. We can correspond and see what we like and are into. Drop me a line.
Morristown New Jersey

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