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looking to have a Boxing(me boxing) VS Wrestling(other guy wrestling)
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Jaytwooh Male 35 Gay Open to all
Hey there, haven't updated this since I was 18yo. Somethings have changed since then, some haven't. I'm very much into pro fantasy wrestling but, open to other types of wrestling matches. My favourite matches will always be, Boxer vs Wrestler (switch rolls), and Wrestling with Boxing Gloves on (Promission soft MMA). I also like to Box but, finding guys into that has been difficult and I don't have headgear so I keep it as body boxing only. My current gear is as stated Boxing Gloves for two, Boxing Trunks, Thong, Jocks, Speedo and Underwear. Working on getting Singlets. Erotic is fun but will only happen when mutually agreed to and there is chemistry between us. Something I would really like to do is find a wrestling/boxing buddy in DFW for regular matches. I don't care about your age or weight. I myself am losing weight and hope to be 220lb soon. Not a Supporting member so please leave me an email on how to get a hold of you. Sometimes I'm in the chat so you can hit me up there. 100% Switch 100% Ageplayer 100% Degrader 100% Degradee 100% Rigger 100% Sadist 100% Daddy/Mommy 100% Experimentalist 100% Primal (Hunter) 100% Non-monogamist 95% Rope bunny 88% Voyeur 86% Dominant 80% Owner 68% Master/Mistress 66% Exhibitionist 55% Vanilla 38% Submissive 31% Slave 17% Boy/Girl 14% Masochist 1% Primal (Prey) 1% Brat 0% Pet
Dallas Texas

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