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Fight or grapple w Me guys? Lookin for hard, friendly fights w fit types
username sex age sexual seeking
JayXMuscle Male 54 Gay Open to all
Looking for good body contact! Gear: jocks, speedo, singlets or none Most muscle-to-muscle contact works, even if you take me down.. Take me down Looking for fights & wrestling buds, good grappling... Can be just fight, grapple or more friendly... Can also box, so body punches good too w wrestling. Am Muscular... ~174 lbs now. I do like showing off, flexing . Fun, friendly or competitive match, sub, test of strength, grind, fights poses, practice holds, ripNstrip, oil...Knees or kicks to nuts and groin are OK for the most. Like long pins, chokes to exhaustion, getting clamped Hard between legs or big arms, scissors pins. Can job, but be able to make real attempt to beat me, am not just rolling over and playing dead
Denver Colorado
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