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Hey guys! Just moved to the suburbs of Austin, TX. Let's wrestle!
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JManVA Male 54 Gay Wrestling with sex
Hey guys. I'm primarily looking for guys into submission, pro, or promission matches. I generally enjoy chokes, slams, sleepers, backbreakers, arm bars, hammerlocks, etc. I'm open to most styles, gear, and holds. Will take on guys of any size. I have interlocking mats at my place. Any takers? Hit me up if interested. I hope this doesn't come off as rude, but sending ' . . . is interested in you' if you aren't in or coming to my area is really pointless. Sorry, just how I feel. If you are in or around the Austin, TX area, or coming for a visit, let me know. Let's set up a match. Peace. Travel: Baltimore, MD: April 2-3 Orlando, FL Austin, TX a few times each year Atlanta, GA Columbus, GA Montgomery, AL Panama City, FL Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Austin Texas

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