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Giving it a try...again
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JM28601 Male 60 Gay Open to all
Honestly I'm not that good at grappling, most of my efforts are defensive. I do know a few things from chokes to heel hooks, assorted attacks from guard and top side control, and of course my sneaky old man stuff. Honestly I'm fat not fit. I'm plenty strong and probably too stubborn at times to tap but my gut is a huge handicap...unless i'm on top. Then it sucks for you. I'm just a regular guy, overly competitive with a smart mouth and attitude to match. I'm fun and determined win, lose, or draw. Will I be a challenge for you? Only one way to find out...let's roll! I currently train jiu jitsu on average twice a week sometimes more, rank, Blue belt. So I know a few things. I'm competitive but not a competitor, for me it's about mutual fun. Travel is limited for me due to time and scheduling requirements, but more than willing to plan if in your area. Thanks again to all and good wrestling. Let's get sweaty! Message me and say hello. Thanks
Hickory North Carolina

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