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Life without love making is a dull one and Living a life without love is an unwanted life !
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JHT Male 53 Gay Relationship
As everyone knows 'any party will sooner or later end and sorrow will lessen with time as well! ' What each of us has left is everyone with his real life! Yes, I realize that ' A bitter truth is always better than a sweet deceit ! ' I know these are not unreal nor illusive with each of us ; For these reasons, I live and long for those which come, stay , last long and are mine ! A little bit about myself: Honest,non-smoking or drinking looking for a LTR ,like chubs, bears, daddies,and wise or educated people ,trust in monogamous marriage and my love for special one is like : ' If a gift I could give to you For long your heart could always hold. Precious jewels or purest gold, It wouldn't be made of. The gift that I want you to have, It would be treasured in everyday, For Caring heart is my timeless gift!' Thank you for your reading this and wish you all with all my best! If interested in , please drop me some lines;If possible, a pic would be very much appreciated! A heartfelf thank is always my words !
Houston Texas

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