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Pro Fan in Michigan ISO Matches
username sex age sexual seeking
ItsRassler Male 65 Gay Wrestling with sex
Pro fan very into hot, sweaty Pro action. Can dish it out or take it, fantasy to ruff, in relentless mutual workovers, merciless squashes or give and take matches. Headlocks, scissors, hair pulling, gut punching, gear, dirty tactics, 'forced' jo, edging, tag teams, 2 vs. 1, strap/rope matches, and unique matches/scenes all ok. Me: GWM, bright boy, sense of humor and sane (okay, okay.....except for this one little guilty pleasure) ISO others to work on #1 hot button, mixing it up and/or watching Pro vids single handed. You: Heel or face? Victim, villain or hero? Looks size and age all second place after attitude (although bears and roided studs get special attention). Hey.......just bring your imagination (and the lube).
Detroit Michigan

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