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I am always ready!!! Sempre pronto per lotta e ... burraco!
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ItalyWrestler Male 59 Gay Practicing Holds
I like wrestling to submission for fun with lots of scissor holds, foot to face/balls contact, ball/cock work, working over pecs/nips, body punching, other dirty tactics. Into roleplay (job/heel). Enjoy long slow submission holds, fantasy with or no-pain matches, lots of give and take, no holds barred, gutpunching. I like also fighting, boxe and martial arts. I like wrestling gear, mask, gloves and judo outfit. Appassionato di lotta e arti marziali, le pratico come divertimento con amici interessati, possibilmente con qualche interesse culturale e per i viaggi. Ho un feticcio per l'abbigliamento da lotta, boxe e arti marziali. Cerco anche un compagno di burraco per partecipare ai tornei.
Roma Italy

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