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IslandBoy84 Male 37 Gay Wrestling, no sex
Relocating to Chicago - Jan 2018 Say Hi and lets see what common interest we have. We can build from there. Can host from time to time and willing to travel some. I have several great matches and training partners who can vouch for me. Trying to drop 15 lbs and get a flat stomach and more tone back! I am a very easy going guy. I like to hash out details and expectations before a match. I tend to heel but have been known to job for the right wrestling partner. Depending on size and strength usually factor into these decisions as well. Favorite holds to be punished in include: Sleepers, Racks, Camels, and scissors or anything that can show me your power/strength. Favorite holds to punish in include: Schoolboy Pins, Racks, Sleepers, camels, crabs, cloverleaf, fig-4, scissors, and any other moves I can dish out. Certified Personal Trainer I have zero tolerance for fakes and being stood up. If you are going to waste my time, don't bother talking to me at all.
Norfolk Virginia
North Chicago Illinois

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