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IronLegs Male 38 Gay Wrestling, no sex
Não tenho muita experiência mas estou aqui para aprender, medir forças, desafios. Lycra, Speedos, jockstraps, tangas! Curto luta tipo submission, competitivo, com comparações, cultura muscular, scissors, headscissors, armwrestling, bearhugs e demais holds. Abracos ;) Até aos 45 anos de idade. I'm here to challenges and learn ... I like masculine strength and believe in the power of my legs! Lycra, Speedos, jockstraps, thongs! I am an early stage development technique, by now use more strength and resilience but the aim is always evolution. Besides the fight , we can make comparisons , measuring strength and challenges! Until 45 years old!
Lisbon Portugal

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