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Time to tame some Alphas!
username sex age sexual seeking
Humiliate_U Male 45 Bisexual Wrestling, no sex
Cocky trash-talking grease monkey and prior military alpha jobber here to challenge any and every one of you scrawny to brawny alphas and heels my age or younger to try and make me tap out or pass out if you think you can. I'm good with anything ranging from mild competitive wrestling matches to wild down and dirty old school rough-house wrassl'n matches. I love using pro-wrestling holds to get submissions. The wilder the match, the more I'm gonna use dirty tactics. Doesn't matter to me how mild or intense a match is. Either way one of us is gonna be humiliated. Just be careful. I will turn the tables on ya the first chance I get, and I will make ya tap-out. Ding! Ding! Now bring it on and let's rumble.
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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