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Midwest WINTER and fuzz/Cyber in Lincoln NE
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HulksterNE Male 64 Other Open to all
It's Winter time in Lincoln and with the pandemic it has made us be a little more serious with our group fun. I am still a LAID BACK dude enjoying college town and FOOTBALL town. Military guys from the local Omaha base step up for some cock fights and sometimes bring a buddy with them. Have a nice little group formed if you want an invite, just ask and remember, MY HOUSE, MY RULES! Lots of horny college students and married guys around this place that love showing off in person or with cyber and phone chat, ITS SO Good to share experiences and fantasies for sure so just ask! Just remember AFTER your workout or your run or bike, or your wrestling sweat, give me a yell and pop on over. Total sports massage is free and great practice for me and a nice sports RUBB DOWN for you! Ask if you are not sure if a total sports rubb is for you or if you want lessons too since either is good with me. i like guys who are guys and act like guys, not afraid to sweat and not afraid to be themselves - married/str8/gay/bi or college, all kool with me. Ask whatever you might wanna know with me, I Enjoy hot stories online or on the phone, hot stuff to chat about and feel free to let me know what you think about things regular or sexual too with this pandemic going on this year. When i see dudes with fuzz on face, legs, arms, chest, or big bush, i always take a double take, makes me think of a man's man. Natural is what a man should look like. Don't really enjoy guys who are shaved from head to toe or who are pierced everywhere! FOR OUT OF TOWN VISITORS: BE SURE TO STOP IN AND VISIT FOR A MASSAGE IF IN MY PART OF THE MIDWEST -fun place for watching too! COME ESCAPE at your convenience. Lately the testosterone has been flowing with this pent up energy and cockfights have been pretty stiff competition. Local college professor likes to bring dudes and ladies with him for his visits. It gets very hot and interesting so Just ASK! Ask any questions and remember I am the MASSAGE BEAST OF LINCOLN!!
Lincoln Nebraska

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