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Camera guy looking for older and/or bear type wrestlers that need photos done. NO CHARGE.
username sex age sexual seeking
HuggerBear Male 57 Gay Friends
Fat, Fuzzy, Friendly, Bear. I have a neck injury so seriously wrestling is in my past. I love making buddies. Wrestling fan buddies. Wrestling jerk off buddies. I love to photo or video wrestling matches, take pictures of guys in their gear. Everything from Play, to trading holds, to sex. To groups. Perfect and fit. fat, fuzzy and even very mature/older. No judgment or worries. Just have fun. If interest in me.. and you wanna roll around with a fat guy, safely and hugging.. hell even trading holds and/or making out. It's all good as long as all parties are happy/comfortable. bear hugs and say 'hi' Todd I don't do cyber or phone.

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