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Pro Fantasy, Pro interest 'Old School' Heel Dad
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Heelrassler Male 60 Other Brit pro wrestling/Pro wrestling
Pro Wrestling fan, total turn-on.since I was a kid.Love sharing the heat with other men who get it.Enjoy pro/pro fantasy /horseplay-slow paced back and forth matches, (still keeping it interesting!) heeling a jobber in a demolition,working one hold, one bodypart at a time.Like a guy who can sell the holds and moves. Trash talking , Win at all costs ;Dirty tactics; trunk pulls,low blows, long held holds etc. all fun.Enjoy ruff if agreed- body punching,hair pulling,stomping,pec chops-limits always respected.Can job too for right guy-no ego issues.Enjoy body contact, working up a good sweat /erotic / if agreed.Also enjoy Dad vs Son style matches, with younger jobbers.Have an interest in sparring/boxing too.
Sarnia Ontario

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