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DOM Muscular Heel seeking jobber victim
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Heel_in_Speedos Male 59 Bisexual Squash Match
I am a dominant, muscular HEEL in red nylon aussiebums, black lycra mask, tall black boots, and leather arm bands. Seeking a submissive jobber 'victim' for a totally one-sided squash match in speedos. Love the speedo-on-speedo, muscle-on- muscle friction and feeling of controlling a sub jobber in speedos. Very safe, sane, and careful. Have never hurt or injured any of my jobbers. Like to apply holds slowly, and increase pressure slowly also---safer and more erotic that way. Favorite wrestling holds: Facesits, reverse headscissors, regular front headscissors, face in pits reverse headlock, bearhugs, butt-grinding nelsons,crabs, camels, sleepers, surfboards, toeholds, hammerlocks, bow and arrow, fireman's carry with ass-slapping. I'm only seeking submissive jobbers with DEFINITE plans to be in Atlanta. Seeking real only.
Atlanta Georgia

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