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Howdy !
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Headgripp Male 50 Gay Practicing Holds
Fit, strong, well-conditioned wrestler, coach. Been told I am intense on the mats, but able to tone it down. Thank You Gentlemen for the many Birthday well wishes. I was trying to forget that I'm turning 50, and then I got all these AWESOME messages from guys over and under 50 - feeling humbled and grateful. Thank You. Wrestling is about pain, you get to give it, and take it. I call it the Pain Exchange. The distribution of pain is rarely balanced, one wrestler usually takes the lead. Properly applied wrestling holds and relentless stamina are things I value. I can wear any of the standard gear for a wrestling match but gear is not that important to me, the quality of our match/session is. In a LTR, not interested in oral or anal sex. I am open to wrestling all fit men, gay or straight. Chemistry & Discretion Matter.
Stockton California
My wreslting & muscle folders on YouTube: LuchaRaza

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