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Howdy !
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Headgripp Male 50 Gay Practicing Holds
Fit, strong, well-conditioned wrestler, coach. 
Retired competitive wrestler and USA Wrestling bronze level coach. 
Been told I am intense on the mats, but able to tone it down. Wrestling is about pain, you get to give it, and take it. Wrestling aka the Pain Exchange. The distribution of pain is rarely balanced, one wrestler usually takes the lead. Properly applied wrestling holds and relentless stamina are things I value. I am interested in a good work-out and am open to many different types of matches/sessions. I can wear any of the standard gear for a wrestling match but gear is not that important to me, the quality of our match/session is. In a LTR, not looking for sex. 
Open to wrestling fit men, gay or straight, age is not a factor.
Stockton California
My wreslting & muscle folders on YouTube: LuchaRaza

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