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Howdy !
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Headgripp Male 51 Gay Wrestling, no sex
Fit, strong, retired competitive wrestler and USA Wrestling bronze level coach. That said, I have no delusions about my current conditioning at 51 compared to when I was at peak competitive shape & conditioning at the age of 28. Oh yeah, I'm plenty fit and strong for you guys that want some. Wrestling is about pain, you get to give it, and take it. Wrestling aka the Pain Exchange. The distribution of pain is rarely balanced, one wrestler usually takes the lead. Properly applied wrestling holds and relentless stamina are things I value. I feel fortunate to have an amateur wrestling background. Good Clubs, Great People. I've been coached, trained and competed in Folk Style Wrestling Tournaments in the US and Abroad from 27 to 34 years old, and accumulated a bunch of medals. It's great to wrestle in front of an audience, really gets those competitive juices flowing. Enjoyed coaching and refereeing matches too. Also have some NHB wrestling experience. Have wrestled at club fundraisers & recruitment events; parade booths, wrestling camps, swimming pools, covered in oil, and twice in mud. All where fun, safe and a great workout. I've trained to win, so that's my mindset for a match, even today after more than 15 years from retirement from the competitive scene. But after a match or several rounds I mellow out, and enjoy that relaxed state. Therefore I'm not into erotic style wrestling. That said, I'm always up for coaching and/or swapping holds. I also enjoy meeting other fit men for one-sided squash matches. In a LTR, not looking for sex. I wrestle gay or straight men, preferably fit like me, size does not matter.
Stockton California
My wreslting & muscle folders on YouTube: LuchaRaza

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