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Looking for a good match
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HawkeyeWrestler Male 41 Bisexual Wrestling, no sex
Fit guy looking for other men and women. Wrestled in HS and a little in college as well. I do submission mostly, but also really into pro-style. I enjoy everything from competitive and semi-competitive matches to light/playful wrestling. Pretty laid back here and i do love to heel in the old classic WWF style as well, but am happy to mix it up with people interested in more back and forth. I'm pretty easy and try to accommodate you as much as I can. Just like getting together with other men and women and having a good time. Hit me up to see if we'd be a great match up. Look forward to hearing from you. ...sorry, no one over 195 lbs or older than 55. I travel often for work and get to Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Colorado, Minnesota and Florida.
Lisle Illinois

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