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HawaiianWrestler Male 59 Gay Wrestling with sex
Hi guys- Thanks for checking out my profile. I'm a cleancut down to earth, guy-next-door with another side that likes to play rough. Looking to meet other guys into wrestling -Top or bottom- as well as dating or friendship. I'm 58, 6', 218, mixed race-part Asian, part Caucasian. I am masculine, healthy HIV negative and DDF, musclebear build - in decent shape, but I've traded the gym for walking everyday, due to the virus. I like to be clean shaven and keep myself smooth below the neck. Not a fan of body piercings or tattoos. Please feel free to say hi - always seeking to chat here on Global Fight - the more specific your message...the more specific my response. Second Covid Vaccine- March 19, on Prep by April.
San Francisco California

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