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Practice holds and gear
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HarleyMechanic Male 48 Gay Practicing Holds
Giving this another go. I learned a few holds and enjoyed some light matches a couple years back but stopped due to injury. I enjoy wearing gear, the struggle for power - taking control (or losing to a muscular physique), trash talking, light hits and gut punching. Not much experience but I enjoy the sport and connection. What I lack in technique I make up for in enthusiasm. I'm looking to practice holds with low intensity to start, moving into wrestling /grappling, light competitive matches. If you need to go balls to the wall from the start, look elsewhere. I've had a little instruction and am open to a coach - not a fuck/play buddy - a coach. Seeking similar age/build for some fun on the mats. I do not have access to mats. Safe, sane, fun.
Chambersburg Pennsylvania

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