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MIDDLEWEIGHT BOXER. 5' 7' ~ 162 POUNDS. I love THE SPORT OF BOXING! There's nothing better and nothing hotter than TWO MEN, shirts OFF, gloves ON, in the RING...doing what they NEED TO DO...FIGHTING! IT'S PART OF MANHOOD! I travel a lot for boxing. I've boxed all the guys on my buddy list. I love The Manly Art. The Sweet Science. The BOND of BOXING. Contact me and let's GET IT ON, STUDS!!! My first FightOdyssey was way back in 2003. I had just opened my first boxing gym, which I called The Brookings-HarborFight Club, in Harbor, Oregon. It was there that I became HarborFighter. I trained all the local kids and adults in my garage gym there and sponsored many tournaments. Boxers from all over the US came to meet me and box me there. I also travelled a lot to participate and compete in tournaments around the US. I decided to do a big tour of the US in my car. I took my dog Rocky with me on this first Odyssey. I was on the road for over 3 months. I left Harbor on September, 30, 2003 and drove south to Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco, boxing in those cities. I continued on down to San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles. I then headed east to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Dallas, and Houston, boxing all the way. After Houston, I continued eastward to New Orleans, where I found myself boxing on a disco floor at 4am one morning! Then on to Tallahassee and down to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where I had one of my best, most competitive fights. I then drove north to Valdosta, Georgia, Atlanta, and then to Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina. I had a fight on the beach in Charleston. It was a HOT fight. I then traveled further north to DC and NYC, boxing, boxing, and more boxing. Then on to Springfield and Boston, Massachusetts. While in Boston, I decided to take a flight to Iceland, London, and Edinburgh, to meet some European boxers. That was INCREDIBLE. I met two of my very best-bonded boxing buds on that leg of the Odyssey, one in London and one in Edinburgh. After I got back to Boston I continued my driving tour. I headed back westward, boxing in Pittsburgh, Nashville, Ann Arbor, Chicago, and Omaha. At this point in my trip, instead of returning to Oregon, I headed back to Las Vegas, where I co-sponsored a boxing event there on New Years Eve. That was my final boxing of FightOdyssey I. I returned home to Harbor, Oregon on January 4, 2004, having boxed 42 guys in a little over 3 months! The second FightOdyssey did not happen for over 10 years, but I got back into the FightTrip mode and, from Australia where I had moved in 2013 to be with my welterweight husband AussieBoxer, traveled to LA, Phoenix, San Antonio, and DC, boxing in those cities during July of 2014. It felt great to travel for boxing again. My husband Rob and I decided to continue our boxing tours, thus we scheduled FightOdyssey III for July and August of 2015. The third FightOdyssey included boxing in Los Angeles again. Then we went to Chicago and brought back a boxing event that I had helped organize and realize in 2002, called Boxing Before Burgers & Beer. In 2002, my good fightbud Marty in Chicago contacted me about my boxing gym in Oregon and about how he could organize a boxing event at his gym. Out of that came a hugely successful event. We did 9 such tournaments, holding them annually at Rocky's Dojo & Boxing Gym in Sugar Grove, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. After the 9th Boxing Before Burgers & Beer, the event went on hold until 2015 when I brought it back during my third FightOdyssey. After this 10th event, Rob and I went on to DC and NY for two more boxing events we had organized. Then we flew westward to Portland, Oregon, where I returned to my old gym, Sweet Science Boxing Gym, and conducted several classes and coachings as a guest coach. It was awesome and coming back to one of the gyms I had formerly owned and run was a great feeling. FightOdyssey IV was the biggest and most successful Odyssey yet. Rob and I traveled around the world. We included sightseeing along the way as well as visiting family and friends. But the main thrust of the trip was BOXING. I organized 8 boxing camps and events that took place during this Odyssey. The first stop was London, where I sponsored Boxing at Grove Park. This took place at a private ring in London. The next boxing camp was in Frankfurt, Germany, where I hosted, along with BoxingMarco, a weekend of boxing and training called The Challenge Fights. This took place at The Challenge Boxing Club in Offenbach. This turned out to be the best boxing event of the Odyssey. Every single boxer who signed up for the fight card showed up. Boxers came from all over Germany, Holland, and France. Every boxer was there to BOX. This was a fantastic and truly bonding event and I made many new good fightbuds. After Frankfurt Rob and I did much sightseeing in Europe, taking a break from boxing for a while. We went to Portugal and Spain, then flew across the Atlantic to NY. In NY we co-hosted Fighting Champs at Champs Boxing Gym in New Rochelle, along with our great and iconic fightbud TechBoxer. It was a huge success. From NY we drove up to Boston and hosted It Ain't Over 'Til It's Hanover, an afternoon of boxing at the Undisputed Sports Training Gym in Hanover. It was awesome. Rob and I then drove down to Toms River, New Jersey and trained with Darren Maciunski at his gym, Checkmates Boxing Center. Darren is a former world middleweight champion and man o man is he good and hot. He trained me for hours. I had known him already for well over 10 years and had trained with him several times before, but this was the best. Checkmate! Continuing our boxing travels, we drove down to DC and boxed all weekend at Chuck Brunn's Mat Room in Alexandria, Virginia. I sponsored my third Virginia vs. Maryland Tournament there and all my guys from the DC area showed up, trained with me, and boxed good and hard and tough! Awesome! Rob and I then took another break from boxing and drove across and down to Nashville, Tennessee, where we had a late Christmas celebration with my family. Immediately after being in Nashville for a few days, we drove up to Cincinnati and held Cincinnati Fisticuffs, an afternoon of boxing at the Cincinnati Fitness Boxing Gym. I think this event was the best of the US events. It was at this event that I realized how much I LOVE to COACH, LOVE to BRING BOXERS TOGETHER, LOVE to see that fantastic, awesome, and HOT MALE BONDING HAPPENING. After Cincinnati, we drove the car back to NY and returned it to the rental agency. We then flew to Los Angeles and hosted the final event, California Spar. It was meant to be a cooling down event. We sparred and trained with our good boxing bud Ian, then spent a day or two winding down to get ready for the long flight back home. We arrived back in Adelaide on January 28, having had the most incredible boxing trip of our lives, FightOdyssey IV. I live to fight. Boxing is in my blood. I am a boxing magnet. I am a boxing gym owner and a boxing coach. I am confident in myself as a boxer...a man who fights. I am very proud of my accomplishments in this awesome sport. Boxing has brought me together with many hundreds of great men. Indeed, it brought me together with my husband Rob, AussieBoxer. We are boxers together. We own and operate The Double Trouble Boxing Club Gym here in Adelaide. I love training guys in the Sweet Science. It makes me feel truly awesome and extremely proud as I watch my guys learn this incredible sport. It builds confidence, in both myself AND my trainees, like nothing else. Rob and I moved into our new house a year ago. We are going to relocate our boxing club this year. We call it The Double Trouble Boxing Club. We have been running it at Iron Industry Gym in downtown Adelaide. Now that we are settled and established in the area, we are going to open the gym at our house this year. This will be modeled after my very first gym, The Brookings-Harbor Fight Club in Brookings, Oregon, which I ran out of my house and garage. It is going to be excellent! It is my dream coming true again! I live for boxing. It is my life. It is in my blood. I am a boxer, a coach, a man, a fighter. ALWAYS. I AM BOXING. YEAH!!! COACH TOM
Adelaide Australia

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