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The Ultimate 'Face' Wrestler!
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HandsomeWrestler Male 57 Gay Squash Match
Don't let the movie star looks and hot body give you the idea that I'm a pretty boy, even though I am. But I'm tough and hate to lose. Don't hate me because I'm the total package. I'm that guy in the gym who has it all - looks and body. The guy you stare at and salivate for. I can't help that. But show me what you're made of and meet me on the mats for some old-school wrestling. I wrestle to dominate. And I prefer my challengers to have some muscle on them, so muscled men and bodybuilders jump to the front of the line. Just a preference. (I'm also an amateur boxer if you want to put gloves on and mix it up that way.) No cyber/cam. And no face pics. There's only one way of experiencing my hot, sexy and cocky attitude, and that's on the mats! And when you're lying on the ground, with my foot on your chest, while I do my sexy double bicep pose, I promise not to laugh. I'm not a sore winner. I'm primarily into freestyle wrestling for the pin, but if the right challenger comes along, I will give pro a try. Why should I waste this gorgeous face? Looking for safe and sane matches with guys in my age range. Let's roll!
Bedminster New Jersey

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