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HairyManDan Male 67 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
I am a lover of travel, big, chubby, strong, and mature men, fine wines, old houses, and sun, surf, and sand. I live in San Diego and spend a lot of timing traveling around the globe for enjoyment. I speak Spanish, German, and a bit of French, as well as English! I prefer men my age or older, unless you are REALLY big (heavy :) and REALLY strong, then I bend, so to speak :) I'm not experienced in wrestling but fantasize about a big, chubby, very strong man wrestling with me. Coming San Diego way? Need an experienced tour guide (I feel like I might has missed my calling by being a Project Manager instead of a tour guide :) If I have taken the time to send you a message, please have the courtesy to reply. Even a 'thanks but no thanks' message is appreciated!
San Diego California

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