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HOTMARTIALARTIST1 Male 49 Gay Fighting with sex
6'2' tall, weigh 210 lbs, green eyes, dark brown hair, size 11 shoe ( yup LOVE feet,especially sweaty fighters feet!) size, 8' cock, VERS, trained in Boxing, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun (train 3 times a week) would like to find a FWB (friends with benefit) who knows how to fight/spar, and then after getting good and sweaty and horny after training, is open to having sex. Mostly top, but LOVE to bottom for the right masculine guy (usually guys my size or taller/bigger) Ethnic guys (Asian, Latin, Arabic, Italians, Portugese, Mexican are A but also like good looking, nicely built and sexy white guys too!)
Sonoma California

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