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into hot pro-style fantasy wrestling .....lets step in the ring!
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HANDSOMEHEEL Male 56 Other Play wrestling
I am 55 years old. Into erotic pro-fantasy wrestling matches with both women and men ending with 3 count pinfalls!!! Some thing about that 1 2 3 ding! ding! ding! If you would like to roleplay your wrestling fantasies with me...lets step in the ring! Into roleplay only...very light striking...slow careful pro moves...all for fun and excitement...hot moves, hot covers , and hot pins! We can discuss specific scenarios to end matches ...roleplay a match after watching it together can work as well....practice finishers ...take turns pinning each other...all the hot stuff that happened in classic pro matches of the 60's, 70s and 80s are the best for me! Talk about limits and make sure we are both comfortable with each other first...then hit the mats for some hot one-sided heel vs. jobber matches! Very slow paced sensual hot dominance by the heel over his prettyboy jobber. Some body worship like kissing and licking thighs, trunks, etc..... And always a hot humiliating pin for the 3 count! And I am up for playing your jobber if you like too! Would be so hot to swim first and then wrestle with wet speedo! If your interested in my style of pro fantasy wrestling, lets hook up. Please include your email so I can get back to you and maybe set up a match. Favorite moves are scoops, slams, backbreakers, neckbreakers, shoulder breakers, piledrivers, brainbusters, bulldogs, spinning neckbreaker! Let's mix it up.

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