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HAIRY_MUSCLE Male 56 Gay Wrestling with sex
LOTS OF HOT BODY CONTACT KEYWORDS: TOUGH, HAIRY, MUSCLE, WRESTLE, PUNCH, ROUGH, MASCULINE, GUT PUCH, TONED. Not into fems, shaved bodies, queens, or drama. Just a good hot workout. Not a premium member, must travel. Wrestling with sex - OF COURSE! How the hell can you build up all that testostorine together and deny your body a natural function! It's a 'Man Thing' that's got nothing to do with Gay, Bi, or Straight. Let's rough it up for a total body workout! Practice holds together, gut & body punch etc. Favorite Classic Ripped - Furry - Muscled Wrestlers - RICK RUDE, SCOTT HALL. Not a full member - include your email if you want me to respond to your message. YOU ARE A GREAT BUNCH OF HUNKS!! XXOO Wrestle for top if gay or bi, if straight, loser j/o's winner.
Manhattan New York

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