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looking for buff wrestlers in pool, pro ring, or mats
username sex age sexual seeking
H2OWrestler Male 64 Gay Brit pro wrestling/Pro wrestling
I like pro, pro erotic, pro fantasy, trading pro holds, mauling jobbers, pool, oil, and submission wrestling with hairless, or shaved muscular, or lean athletic men. I prefer younger, around my weight or lighter, but will take on up to 200 pounders (and that is not fat pounds). Natural athletic builds are appealing to me as well as guys who dedicate gym time to improve (as do I). MULTIPLE, full length, clear physique photos get a response. (Please use photos of you, not another.) I am fully vaccinated and you should be also. Not into cyber but love real guys with wrestling (without trying to injure anyone). I also train others utilizing my own gym with mats, pro wrestling ring, and my private pool. I hope you (like myself) are a drug free, smoke free, successful multi-sport wrestler who eats a healthy fitness diet and lives the athlete's lifestyle. I also hold wrestling camps in my ring for those guys in my criteria as stated above..
Columbia South Carolina
Fort Lauderdale Florida

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