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GuySmiley Male 70 Bisexual Submission Wrestling
9-18-17 thank you to the couple of opponents who actually followed through and met with me on my recent road trip. 9-13-15 enjoyed hitting the mat again while traveling. Frankly, it felt good...at least for me, can't swear to what my opponents thought. Hoping to get more of you on the mat soon. 4-15-15 finally got surgeons release to return to my former activities; ready to hit the mat! 10-3-14 have just finished 4 months of healing but surgeon says he prefers 4 more months before allowing me to resume my grappling and sparring activities. Hopefully be a great way to start the new year. The new pic is of my 24 titanium screws installed in my cervical spine. 5-11-14 new pic is me 30 days after surgery, down about 12 pounds of muscle. In healing stages still, not even thinking about recovery yet. 4-21-14 Bad news, my fellow fighters. I am on 90 day hiatus after a major osteotomy surgery on my cervical neck. All goes well, should be back in action mid June. In the meantime, trying to behave so I come out stronger than ever. I'll keep you abreast. 9/19/13 update: met with killerjobbyboy from NYC again. crushed him, then let him indulge in some muscle worship. thanks, Manny. 9/18/13 update: thanks to all those who met with me in Paris and London during my recent visits there. Great time was had by all! 2/19/13 update: met with astroboy on his home turf. Strong and tough grappler, he likes his matches a bit on the rough side. Happy to oblige. Sent him home sore and defeated this time. He's already asking for a rematch and wants it rougher. Not sure the boy knows what he's getting in to. 2/12/13 update: met recently with muscbull, body builder type and Killerjobbyboy, a triathlon athlete. Taught them both that all their trash talk before a match won't help them during it. Looking for more opponents if any of you are ready. Let's rumble this year. Had a few great matches last year ... Let's make this a banner year. Prefer younger opponents but will entertain any age, just ask. Limited travel but can host. Whether u like submission wrestling, pankration, gut punching, sparring, a fight, or even a squash job, I'm ur man.
Huntington Beach California

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