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Tough grappler guys wanted!
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GrapWrestler Male 53 Gay Submission Wrestling
Looking for guys primarily for GI and no GI submission grappling and greco/freestyle wrestling. In shape guys only. Not really into professional wrestling but open to learning. MMA minded though. Don't mind the young jocks full of testosterone...lol. Will take on a college wrestler type. I may not be buff and muscular but I'm in damn good shape for my age! Have 10 x 10 mat. Can host. Have also recently taken up Muy Tai for any of you kick boxers out there. I may be a bit older but am tough and love a challenge from a strong younger guy! I put up a good fight. Have wrestled a few of my favorites...now buddies I guess. If you like, vote for me. Come on my buddies....can I get your vote?
Detroit Michigan

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