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I love gutpunching give or take
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GofortheGut Male 64 Bisexual Gut punching
I'm a hairy beer bellied guy looking for other guys into gut punching. I like to give and/or take. Elbows, fists, knees, kicks in the gut. Head butts and baseball bats to the gut are also cool, as are one sided matches, interrogation scenes and being tied up and worked over. 2 on I sessions are great as well.I recently was blindfolded and gutpunched, and it was fantastic.Love to take punches in the gut, and love to work over like minded men. I like to go shirtless, and I am comfortable with whatever you like to wear. I don't travel a lot, so if you're in my area, hit me up and we can arrange a session or three. Please be into gutpunching if you contact me. Thanks and cheers! I am now fully vaccinated against Covid-19.
London Ontario

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