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in search of a beating -but, mines or yours?
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GeorgeBCN Male 39 Gay Submission Wrestling
Hello everybody, I am looking for guys all around for long, hard, and, above all, respectful matches. Although I began to fight in 2005, I still think about myself as a beginner, cause I always like learning new things, holds and skills from other people. Trying really hard to get more muscle and specially to improve in my matches. Wrestling is my biggest turn-on, but sex is not the primary goal and, nowadays, I mostly feel more interested in the sport side of the thing. So if you come to talk to me and your conversation is more about what we will do after the match, I will probabily skip it. All guys that I put on my favourites list are people I have met. So if you have any question to do and don't think that I can be objetive (I understand you do), feel free to ask them. I do that because, sadly, there are many fakes and no shows here, and I want you all to have a second, third or fourh opinion about me just to verify. Still looking for the fighter who will become my everlasting rival and team (and soul) mate. Hope I can tap someday with him. Hugs everybody and wrestle a lot
Barcelona Spain

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