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Bear Wrestler
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George Male 60 Bisexual Workout Buddy
I just started to go back to GoodLife gym and need a buddy to help me exercise and motivate me. Want to build some muscle but don’t know the best routine or how to use free weights to make me more buffed. Be nice to hear from someone. Looking to meet someone to play and have fun with. I like horsing around and exchanging holds. No longer new but still need to learn the ropes. Safe and sane matches with mutual respect. Like man 2 man contact and other wrestlers. Age is no big deal as long as u are in it for the fun. Let's see if I can take you down. Also looking for someone to workout with to get into shape. Whip me into shape so I can whip your butt in the ring. Good Life member. Need for discretion! Want to thank my friend for the new pictures posted. They are my most recent as of January 2012.
Toronto Ontario

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