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Seeking opportunities to get sweaty in gear.
username sex age sexual seeking
GearFetishSuperhero Male 45 Gay Wrestling with sex
Looking for real submission/erotic pro matches with various elements mixed in for flavor. Contact should be based on mutual respect and all limits should be respected Love wrestling. Love gear. love contests of strength, muscle worship, role play, and playing around when wrestling in gear. (Preferences of my opponent respected!) Yes, i’ll Fight you for alpha with no holds barred. You do not have to dress as a hero or villain to wrestle me I think that’s more interesting anyway if you don’t . that is of course, you you really want to then Heck Ya! Love superhero and other role play but you don’t have to, we can just throw down and see who wins. Into lots of things but most of all into keeping an open mind. Used to be only into competition and submission but broadening my horizons to include erotic and more pro style. Can’t host.
San Francisco California

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