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Gain_Musl_DC Male 58 Other Wrestling, no sex
I am not that intense on the mat or in the ring anymore. Those days are gone. But, I’m not a dead fish either. 😉 If you need to win, then you can win and we can continue at a training or practice level. Again, no longer go balls-to-the-wall and full throttle. If that is how you remember me, you will be in for a surprise. Though, I am still pleasant, intelligent, adorable, hot, and—-my greatest quality remains my humbleness 😆. Gear is open and not a big deal as long as it is clean (laundered) and smells good just like you. Please me and take a good, long, hot, soapy shower before gearing up. Yeah, yeah—I’m not a fan of man scent; I am THAT guy. 🙄 If your wrestling stakes are your gear—singlets, Speedos, fight shorts, thongs, neoprene chaos, cowboy boots, etc.—I am hoping you wear Large or 34 inches or 86 cm (boot size 11.5). You know, my size. No, I do not use MY gear as stakes; I have great gear 😉 I live in the boondocks, sticks, no-man’s land. Penn State Nittany Lions country. I no longer live in Washington, DC. but am invited for MAL 2020 so I will be there for a few days January 2020 if you want to wrestle (though I have never, in over 20 years, ever found a MAL wrestlers——all of those singlet guys walking around and no takers). When I was younger I looked too scary to wrestle; now that I am older, well, I am older so fewer takers. My past opponents list is woefully incomplete. I deleted my profile awhile ago and have not been disciplined with its restoration. If we wrestled, let me know.
State College Pennsylvania

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